Nature vs Nurture – May 10, 2022

In a world that prizes speed and efficiency,I long for the slow days of summerThe bee floating on a dandelionThe soft breeze blowing from the lake carrying scents from far off places, The warm sun shining down on me, Cooking my dull white skin better than the fluorescent bulb ever could.As impressive as our human … Continue reading Nature vs Nurture – May 10, 2022

Polite Discourse? – May 3, 2022

It used to be:What's your sign?Can I get you a drink?Do you come here often?Now things have become so much more treacherous:Red or bluePro or conWoke or sleepingSmall talk has fallen to the wayside in this dark age of enlightenment.In the search for tolerance, we have become intolerant.We chew up bites of information to be … Continue reading Polite Discourse? – May 3, 2022