A Snowy Day in April – April 19, 2022

Spring has come, the birds and the trees do decree
The Lord has risen for all to see.
Yet, new snow lays on the ground
Puddled in clumps of slush all-round.

So I hit the snooze and pull the blanket up tight
I pray that I can make things right.
I think of the future, the chessboard in my mind -
Still the wind howls and the snow is misaligned.

4 thoughts on “A Snowy Day in April – April 19, 2022

  1. Beautiful imagery in this poem! I grew up in the Colorado Rockies, so I know that March and April are when the biggest snows come. The juxtaposition of the calm beauty in the first stanza against the sense of unsettledness in the second stanza is very powerful!

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  2. The weather is so iffy these days. I am working on an online Winter’s Embrace Gallery for National Poetry Month. I find your poem full of thoughts that many of us feel at this time. I especially like this line: the chessboard in my mind.

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