Nature vs Nurture – May 10, 2022

In a world that prizes speed and efficiency,
I long for the slow days of summer
The bee floating on a dandelion
The soft breeze blowing from the lake
carrying scents from far off places,
The warm sun shining down on me,
Cooking my dull white skin better than the
fluorescent bulb ever could.

As impressive as our human feats of engineering may be,
The long expanse of a bridge with its supports
Stretching into the distance horizon
The height of a skyscraper climbing into the clouds
Tunnels delving deep into the black earth
Monuments recounting past glories of deeds long to be forgotten,
Nothing compares to the birth of a single cell,
Giving life to untold miracles and marvels for more than a millenia.

Let me leave this world of four walls
And explore the true marvels of the world.
Learn more than a book can ever share
Forget the Tik Tok of digital time
Instead let Forget-me-nots begin to shine in a field of tall grass
Show me the Redwood trees casting cool shadows on carpeted forest floors
Rock canyons meticulously carved out over time
Mountains pushed up from the Earth’s core standing taller than we can dream.

Instead of unplugging from the world, plug in.
Instead of living through others, live.
Instead of wishing and waiting, begin…

One thought on “Nature vs Nurture – May 10, 2022

  1. This so aptly reflects many of my own sentiments. I do not turn on the fluorescent ceiling lights in my classroom; instead I have lamps placed around the room. I walk to and from school on any day that weather allows. The TikTok allusion carries multiple vectors of meaning; the final stanza is the voice of a life force. My compliments.

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